There is some bad news for the Philadelphia 76ers’ fans

There is some bad news for the Philadelphia 76ers’ fans. The NBA team won’t be able to use Ben Simmons in the foreseeable future. The 24-years old point guard was diagnosed with a dislocated kneecap of the left foot. Let’s dive into this story while we are looking for some good NBA free picks for you.


Let’s start with the good news. The MRI showed that Simmons is not suffering from ligament damage, which would have been the most severe diagnosis in this case. Despite this, head coach Brett Brown cannot say when we should expect to see Ben Simmons back on the floor. Brown stated that they expect to have more information in the next 24 hours.


Ben Simmons’ injury occurred during the third quarter of the game between the 76ers and the Wizards.


This injury is a big blow for Simmons. The point guard worked hard during the COVID-19 quarantine break, and he looked in good shape. According to some sources, Simmons is “optimistic” that he could return on the floor until the end of the season.


The 76ers will now hope that Ben Simmons would be back when the postseason games start. We all know the quality he possesses. When he’s on fire, Ben Simmons is one of the best defenders in the NBA and a constant triple-double threat. He’s extremely valuable to the team. At this moment, the 76ers are 41-27 in the regular season and 2-1 in the bubble.


We are going to follow carefully what’s happening with Ben Simmons in the coming weeks. We hope to see him back on the floor when the playoffs start. He’s going to be really important for the 76ers. They would be a totally different team without him. Meanwhile, keep up with us and our NBA free picks we are going to provide you with.