The New Orleans Saints are ready for big business

The New Orleans Saints are ready for big business to keep their star running back Alvin Kamara. The NFL insider Ian Rapoport reveals the Saints will sign a five-year extension with Kamara, which will be worth $75 million. Before we offer you some new free NFL picks, let’s dive into this exciting story.


Alvin Kamara is going to be a richer man when his new contract ends. He’s going to receive $77.13 million overall with his extension, so you should not doubt why he chose to sign the contract.


The New Orleans Saints and Alvin Kamara were negotiating hard during the last few weeks. It was an exciting process to follow. There was news about possible trade discussions at some point, while Kamara didn’t even show for training.  Now everything looks resolved for good, so fans could take a breath and expect the new season with more significant expectations.


Before the new deal, Alvin Kamara was about to get in the final year of his rookie contract earning just $2.133 million in base salary. You can see the improvement here when it comes to numbers. His new contract is going to keep Kamara at the Saints until the 2025 season.


Alvin Kamara’s new deal comes in a moment when many franchises are refusing to pay big money to running backs. The thing is the Saints see Kamara as something more than just an RB. When he’s healthy, Alvin Kamara is arguably one of the most dangerous offensive players in the whole NFL. When his contract with the Saints ends, he would be 30-years old.


These are the fresh news regarding Alvin Kamara’s new contract with the New Orleans Saints. If Kamara stays healthy and in shape, he’s going to worth the money. Meanwhile, stay with us and keep following us for more free NFL picks and exciting stories.