Just a small crowd will attend the first NFL game for the season

Just a small crowd will attend the first NFL game for the season


The new season in the NFL will start on September 10 when the Kansas City Chiefs will host the Houston Texans at the Arrowhead Stadium. That’s a really loud place when it’s full, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic there will be limited amount of fans at the stands. Let’s see more from this story within our nfl odds picks.


The COVID-19 pandemic rocked the whole sports world and the NFL is not an exception. On Monday it was announced by the Kansas City Chiefs that only 22% of the Arrowhead Stadium capacity could be filled with fans. It’s still better than nothing, though. The usual capacity of the facility is 76,416, but 22% means that there will be less than 20,000 fans for the game. For the fans who attend the game there will be some social distancing and other specific health protocols.


The NFL allows every team in the league to dictate their own terms when it comes to their attendance policy, but every decision and final number would be based on local health rules and protocols. The Chiefs are one of the team which will allow fans on the stands, but some other teams such as the Saints, the Falcons and the Raiders will not. There will be zero fans at their home games, it has been decided.


For now we know that the Chiefs will keep the 22% policy for the first three home games and after this it would be re-evaluated again.


These are some of the news regarding the way COVID-19 pandemic will leave its mark on the NFL. The next season is going to be more strange than ever, but that’s the new reality for all of us at the moment. Meanwhile stay with us and our nfl odds picks because we won’t dissapoint you.