Five coaches who can replace Brett Brown at the 76ers

Five coaches who can replace Brett Brown at the 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers

Brett Brown will leave the Philadelphia 76ers after coaching the team for seven years. He did his best, but he was unable to lead them to the title. Now another coach will take his place, trying to do the same. Let’s see what’s happening here before we give you our free betting picks for today.


Tyron Lue


At this moment Tyron Lue is working as an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Clippers. According to the ESPN, he’s actually the number one choice of the 76ers. Lue was also part of the Cleavaland Cavaliers team which won the NBA title in 2016.


Jay Wright


Jay Wright is the head coach of the Villanova Wildcats since 2001. In this time he proved his qualities and turned the Wildcats into a national powerhouse. Many of his players signed contracts with NBA teams which is the biggest proof of Wright’s fine work. Jay Wright does not hold it a secret that he’s quite interested in coaching a NBA team. Could it be the 76ers?


Ime Udoka


Ime Udoka is the current assistant-coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, so it would be quite easy to just promote him to be the main man. Udoka has the precious experience of working 7 years with the legendary Gregg Popovich. It’s rumoured that Ime Udoka is also an option for the Brooklyn Nets and the Chicago Bulls.


Stan van Gundy


Van Gundy is a man with experience in the NBA. He used to coach teams like Miami Heat, Orlando Magic and the Detroit Pistons. His resume is pretty good and he proved himself as a coach who can lead his teams to the playoffs. He’s still looking for his first title, though.


Adrian Griffin


Adrian Griffin is the current head coach of the Toronto Raptors. He’s another coach who has been on the 76ers radar in the last few years. Griffin was interviewed for the job in 2013, but he didn’t get it. Now it could be different. Adrian Griffin now looks ready to be the head coach.


These are some of the option for a new coach to the Philadelphia 76ers. Who is going to be the main man? We will follow this story. What you can do is stay with us and our free betting picks.