Despite having a negative 39-84 record since he replaced Fred Holberg

Despite having a negative 39-84 record since he replaced Fred Holberg, Jim Boylen is set to remain the head coach of the Chicago Bulls. But not because of basketball reasons, it is being reported by the Chicago Sun-Times. Let’s dive into this story before we provide you with some excellent free guaranteed sports picks.


According to the press, Boylen is going to keep his job because of financial reasons. Currently, the Bulls have some serious concerns about their finances before the 2020/21 season. Because of this, they are getting ready to make some sacrifices, although most fans will probably not like this very much. The majority of the fanbase wants to see Boylen replaced by another coach, but it doesn’t look likely right now.


Last month the Bulls’ owner Jerry Reinsdorf made a worrying statement. He admitted that his financial losses regarding the Bulls and the White Sox are “somewhere in the nine figures.” At this moment, the head coach Jim Boylen is having a winning record of just .317, but financial survival could be prioritized over success.


Jim Boylen was promoted to head coach when Fred Hoiberg was dismissed in December 2018. It’s believed that Boylen failed to win the players’ support. The organization had plans to replace him, but when COVID-19 happened, many of their plans changed.


We know that the fans will be angry because of this, but maybe it’s even more important how the players will react to the news. Boylen is not a popular figure in the team even at the slightest, so we guess the Bulls must prepare for a difficult 2020/21 season.


These are the news from the Chicago Bulls in the last few weeks. Fans and players won’t be happy, but money talks here. Meanwhile, keep following us for even more news and free guaranteed sports picks.