DeMar DeRozan – five places he could move to

DeMar DeRozan – five places he could move to

According to various of sources DeMar DeRozan is not happy at the San Antonio Spurs and he has the desire to move to another NBA franchise. The player himself didn’t confirm the rumours, but we have solid information these statements are actually the truth. Let’s talk about DeMar DeRozan’s future in these nba free picks for today.


DeMar DeRozan never became the franchise player San Antonio Spurs hoped he’d be. And maybe it’s time for him to move for real. Here are five options for his future in the league:


1. Detroit Pistons – DeMar has a very good connection with Pistons’ head coach Dwane Casey which is a good enough reason for him to move there. At the same time the Pistons have the cap space to get him on the roster.


2. Orlando Magic – the connection here is the president Jeff Weltman. He arrived at Orlando from Toronto where he was working with DeRozan and building the team around him.


3. Los Angeles Lakers – yes, we are talking about the new NBA champions here. DeRozan himself is a Los Angeles native аnd he grew up idolizing the late Kobe Bryant. The truth is the Lakers could use another great ball-handler such as DeRozan.


4. New York Knicks – if we put ourselves on their place, signing DeMar DeRozan would be cheaper than signing Chris Paul for example. The Knicks need to make a big signing in sake of their own reputation. DeRozan could be their man.


5. Toronto Raptors – why not moving to your old home? DeMar DeRozan keeps good memories from his time at the Raptors and this could be a big reason for him to return. The big problem is the fact that Raptors barely have the cash needed to sign DeRozan.


In our nba free picks for today we will keep providing you with some great information about the greatest basketball league on the planet. Keep up with us and stay informed.