Carmelo Anthony moved himself into the Top 15 of the NBA’s all-time scoring list

The Portland Trail Blazers’ Carmelo Anthony moved himself into the Top 15 of the NBA’s all-time scoring list. Anthony, who is in his 17th professional season in his career, now has 26,398 points in the NBA. Let’s see more about this in our NBA picks today.


Since he joined the Trail Blazers, Carmelo Anthony now averages 15.4 points per game. At the same time, he has a pretty solid 38.2 percent from the three points range. Not bad, eh?


In Portland’s last game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Melo surpassed Paul Pierce at 15th place in NBA’s all-time scoring list. Anthony now has just one point more than Pierce – 26,398 to 26,397, but it’s enough for him to find a place in the Top 15.


What it’s next for Melo Anthony now? He’s under 100 points away from the 14th in the list Tim Duncan, so the 14th place is him to grab.


It has not been easy for Carmelo Anthony since he left the New York Knicks in 2017. The Atalanta Hawks waived him, while at Houston Rockets, he played no more than just 10 games. He was traded again to the Chicago Bulls, but his stint there was another disappointment.


It seems that now Melo finally found his home again at the Portland Trail Blazers. They needed him, and he needed them – it was a perfect match. Carmelo Anthony’s achievement was honored by the Trail Blazers, who gave him the ball after the game. Portland is just half-game behind the Memphis Grizzlies for the 8th spot in the West Division, so their fight for the playoffs continues.


We are going to follow Trail Blazers’ progress carefully until the end of the regular season. Meanwhile, keep up with us, and our daily NBA picks today. We are sure we could help you with some great predictions.