Burrow’s story is one from the movies

The Bengals’ quarterback Joe Burrow revealed he’s not going to be one of these guys who get a nice check and then start spending it. Burrow’s story is one from the movies. He was living in his folks’ basement, but now he signed a four-year $36.2 million contract with the Bengals. Let’s dive into this story before we offer you our free NFL picks.


What most of the NFL stars do after they sign a massive contract like this? Most of them spend a fortune on a new house or a few cars, just to celebrate their new status. But Joe Burrow won’t be one of them.


The young quarterback admitted that he wouldn’t be spending even a dime of his contract money. Speaking to Bengals.com, he admitted that he’s going to live just by his endorsement money, while his millions will be sitting at the bank.


Most likely, Burrow will put some of this money in an investment account instead of buying a large house and expensive cars. He’s not the only NFL star to do so, of course. Stars like Rob Gronkowski and Marshawn Lynch also both admitted that they prefer to keep their money in the bank, living off endorsement.


Speaking of endorsement, Joe Burrow should not have any problems to do it. The talented quarterback is already enjoying some reliable deals with companies like Nike, Fanatics, Lowe’s, Nerf, and the Buffalo Wild Wings. Burrow admits that he took a lot of information from endorsement king Peyton Manning who gave him some critical pieces of advice.


You’re a good boy, Joe Burrow. The kid acknowledges that having tight control over your finances is crucial if you don’t want to end broke. Now we can’t wait to see him in action for the Bengals. Meanwhile, keep up with us and our free NFL picks.