Boston Celtics’ head coach Brad Stevens renews contract

Boston Celtics’ head coach Brad Stevens renews contract



Boston Celtics’ head coach Brad Stevens renewed his contract with the team, it was reported. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Celtics confirmed the news via a press release. Let’s dive into details while we prepare our next NBA free picks for you.


43-years old, Brad Stevens is coaching the Celtics from 2013. So far he has a positive record of 318-245 with the former champions. Every year since 2015 he has led the teams to the playoffs, while in 2017 and 2018 he led them to the Eastern Conference finals.


The Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge described Brad Stevens as “one of the most intelligent and hard-working coaches in the league today”. He confirmed that the Celtics continue to pursue the title, despite the fact that so far Stevens is still unable to lead them to the glory.


Working with young stars as Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, alongside the free agent signing Kemba Walker, Boston Celtics are now close to receiving the No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference.


Brad Stevens is an interesting case among the NBA coaches. He’s one of the youngest tacticians in the league today, but there are some rumours he could be heading back to the NCAA. According to the press, the Celtics are doing everything they can to keep him at helm. And his new contract is an important step in the right direction for them.


We remind you that Indiana Pacers’ head coach Nate McMillan also renewed his contract with the club in the last few days.


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