At least for now fans are not coming back at MLB games

At least for now fans are not coming back at MLB games


Baseball is just not the same without fans, and we are already seeing it since the new MLB season began. The action is there, but without anybody, at the stands, it looks kind of bleak. The bad news is that fans are not returning at the stands, at least not for now. Let’s see what’s going on while we are preparing some more MLB picks for you.


The COVID-19 pandemic affected the whole world, and sports are not excluded. Right now, MLB teams are losing money in all possible ways, including ticket sales, parking, concessions, in-stadium merch, and so on. Meanwhile, the season was whittled down to 60 games.


Journalist Ken Rosenthal broke down the news that MLB is not letting any fans back to the stadiums. It’s being said that most of the clubs in the league do not have authorization by their local jurisdictions to do so. In other words, MLB is powerless to do anything, even if they want to.


The situation in the USA is not getting any better, too. The cases of people infected with the coronavirus are increasing, and the government faces a lot of trouble while trying to contain the virus. There were some hopes that a small portion of the stadiums’ capacity could be filled with fans, but at least for now, it’s not happening.


We understand that commissioner Rob Manfred already had some talks with the club owners, but the league is not ready to offer a solution to the problem. We will keep following this subject matter in the next few weeks, so we hope to see some development.


These are our thoughts about the current situation in the MLB and the lack of fans at the stands. For even more news about this matter, keep following us and our free MLB picks for you.